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  • RX-7 Headlight upgrade.

    RX-7 Headlight upgrade.

    After having Brians FD RX-7 sit for such a long time we finally did a small upgrade to his headlights. Auxbeam reached out to us and sent us some awesome LED headlight replacement bulbs, I must say I am very impressed by their product. They were a easy install and surprisingly had no issues when installing these bulbs. If you ever want to replace you horrible Halogen bulbs to some awesome LED ones please go check out Auxbeam and all of their products.


    The time has come guys! out of 4 vehicle choices you have all spoken and voted on which vehicle you would like for us to giveaway next. We are excited to introduce you to this beautiful Right Hand Drive Twin Turbo Toyora Supra! talk about a japanese Legend. It has taken many months and a lot of blood sweat and tears to get the car to this point, we worked with the best companies in the business and we are extremely grateful to be working with them. You can get more information on our give away on this link below:
    Good luck to you all! we cannot wait to see who wins this beautiful car.


    We are super excited to announce our next show, and this time we are taking it to Las Vegas, Nevada! This will be our very first indoor show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. You can expect the best vehicles Nevada, California, and other states has to offer. We will have live performances, Special guest's, Models, and so much more for you guys to experience a great and fun show you wont forget. Event is on August 25th and registration is now open, You can find all the event information on the link down below.
  • 350Z car give away winner announced!

    350Z car give away winner announced!

    Alright guys, after 3 long months we have finally gotten our winner for our Nissan 350Z car giveaway! We are proud to announce that our winner is Mikey Saephanh from Alaska. We had the privilege to fly Mikey over to California for him to see his new car in person and to meet the Tokyo staff, It definitely was a really fun experience and we cannot wait to start our new car giveaway and give one of our very own customers their dream car. You can check the car reveal video below.


    We are super excited to release our new Tokyo Wax premium box! This box is perfect for all enthusiasts. Our box provides you with one bottle of each product from our line including applicators so you are ready to keep your car looking clean always. We put a lot of time and dedication to create this premium box for you guys and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do


    We are extremely excited and happy to announce our next show will be June 9th at the Ranch event complex in Loveland Colorado. This will be our very first show outside of California and are very excited to bring Colorado a show they will not forget. We will also be having a Limbo Contest and 2 step contest that you will definitely not want to miss.
  • JDM Apparel and Car Movies

    JDM Apparel and Car Movies

    It is a safe bet that Hollywood will continue to crank out car movies as they seem to be a staple for many Americans. It might be hard to believe, but there are more car movies out there than just The Fast and the Furious series. And no matter how much JDM apparel you own, it is likely you are also a fan of other cars as well, maybe a few American-made ones.


    Tony hands down has one of the cleanest Evo 8's I have ever seen. Now if you don't believe me check it out for your self! He has really taken the time to build his car and had done it right. From the exterior to the interior of the car you will not find any cheap parts, or shortcuts taken when he built his car. He really knows how to pay attention to detail, nothing about this car looks rushed and the car is absolutely gorgeous.


    It's finally here guys! we have now released our very own car care products. We have put in a lot of hard work and dedication to creating these great products for you guys. Here are our first 3 products, we will also be releasing our liquid was and interior cleaner this month.


    Welcome to Tuned in Tokyo’s first ever Car giveaway. We are a lifestyle apparel brand first but our goal is to provide all of our loyal customers with an opportunity to drive away with their dream car. Every $5 you spend at will give you one automatic entry. For example, if you buy a $20 item that will give you 4 entries. Our system will automatically keep track and calculate your total entries throughout the giveaway.  So don’t worry if you place multiple orders throughout the giveaway. Every entry will be accounted for.
  • Just bought a RHD TOYOTA SUPRA!

    Just bought a RHD TOYOTA SUPRA!

    What's up guys! we are very excited to announce that we have new project car to add to our current cars. This is not just any ordinary car this is definitely a one of a kind and rare car here in the states.
    Giovanny which you guys might already recognize him for his wide body varis Mitsubishi Evolution has purchased and LEGIT RHD Toyota Supra from Japan!


    Today we take a look at Helena's beautiful FRS! as you can see right away this is one unique build. Right away you can see the crazy color that her car is wrapped in, the color combo that she went with on her car looks amazing! Looking up close on her wrap she has some crazy detail! check out her embossed  pattern on her quarter panels. 
  • FRS drilled and slotted rotors install!

    FRS drilled and slotted rotors install!

    If you are ever looking to install some new aftermarket rotors for your FRS or BRZ just check this video out right here! We were fortunate to get a set of drilled and slotted rotors from R1 concept's, the install on these killer rotors was very straight forward and I believe anybody can get this installed at home with the right tools.
    Its as easy as removing 2 bolts to remove the brake caliper and brake pads, then removing 2 more bolts to remove the bracket for the caliper. Once both are removed you can swap your rotors, put everything back and be back on the road!
    For more in depth detail of the process check the video below.
  • JDM Clothing and the Car He Drives Makes the Man

    JDM Clothing and the Car He Drives Makes the Man

    There is an old adage that it’s the clothes that make the man, or something like that. Basically, it means that the clothes a man wears have a direct connection with how he is perceived by others, especially the fairer sex. 

    This held true for many years, centuries as a matter fact. But then something changed around the mid 20th century; men were increasingly being judged by more than the clothes they wore, they were now being judged by what they drove as well. 
  • Playing with plasti dip for the first time!

    Playing with plasti dip for the first time!

    Hey guy’s so today we decided to go ahead and Plasti dip DJ’s Mercedes CLA 250 with a AMG kit out of the blue. DJ saw a image online showing this crazy pearl pain job on a white car and did some research and we found out that it is Plasti dipped! we couldn't believe it. We went ahead and did our research on how this paint job can be achieved, we gathered all the information on which basically gave us all the tools and knowledge to getting this done.
  • Youtube is Now Live!

    Youtube is Now Live!

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