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Tony hands down has one of the cleanest Evo 8's I have ever seen. Now if you don't believe me check it out for your self! He has really taken the time to build his car and had done it right. From the exterior to the interior of the car you will not find any cheap parts, or shortcuts taken when he built his car. He really knows how to pay attention to detail, nothing about this car looks rushed and the car is absolutely gorgeous.
Just check out that gorgeous front end, and especially that aggressive aero he has going on.
Lets not forget about the rear of the car! Just check out that gorgeous VOLTEX wing, and custom diffuser.
For the front end he has a Seibon Carbon finber hood, with a seibon carbon fiber headlight air duct.
For the bumper he has a carbon fiber front lip with a APR carbon fiber splitter as well.
Lets not forget his beautiful Seibon carbon fiber fenders to go with his beautiful Volk wheels.
Check out his crazy aggressive aero set up!
His interior is super clean! bride bucket seats, with sparco harness, and check out his wheel set up with a sparco wheel and works bell quick release set up.
So enough about me bragging on how amazing this car is, just check out the video below for the full review on the Evo 8.

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