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Today we take a look at Helena's beautiful FRS! as you can see right away this is one unique build. Right away you can see the crazy color that her car is wrapped in, the color combo that she went with on her car looks amazing!
Looking up close on her wrap she has some crazy detail! check out her embossed  pattern on her quarter panels.
On her exterior she has some minor mods that make her car stand out, and also flow really well with the color of her car. As you can see she has fog lights along with Password JDM upper and lower canards.
She also added to the bumper a carbon fiber lip and also carbon fiber splitter.
For the rear she has Valenti Tail lights along with a Rocket Bunny V1 style wing. I was a bit worried a big wing like this would not look with a non wide body kit, and I was surprised to see that the wing looks really well with the stock body!
There is one thing on her car that I really like and that are here really TRD rear winder louvers, these are not cheap and I give her mad respect for paying the hefty price to get her hands on these and not replica louvers.
Lastly we have the interior, she has wrapped her inside in burgundy fabric to match her Braum seats. She has a neo chrome NRG starring wheel..
Hope you guys enjoyed this blog, to see the full review check the video below!

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