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JDM Apparel and Car Movies

JDM Apparel and Car Movies

It is a safe bet that Hollywood will continue to crank out car movies as they seem to be a staple for many Americans. It might be hard to believe, but there are more car movies out there than just The Fast and the Furious series. And no matter how much JDM apparel you own, it is likely you are also a fan of other cars as well, maybe a few American-made ones.

That said, there are so many good car movies available to watch out there that naming all of them would take too long, and we have some stock parts to swap out. So we decided to give you just a partial list of some of the best car movies over the years. And believe us, you don't need to be a motorhead to enjoy these gearhead classics.

The Transporter

If you like The Fast and the Furious and Jason Statham, you just might find this to be a great movie. Statham, who finally joined the Fast and Furious franchise, scores big as an expert driver who gets paid good money to transport cargo. He will transfer any type of cargo, even the living, breathing type if the price is right.

The Transporter got off to a slow start, as the premise seemed a bit silly and Statham’s performance felt a little stiff, but it has grown on us quite nicely over the years.

American Graffiti

While most people know that George Lucas is the mastermind behind the Star Wars series, few know he made a pleasant little movie about high school friends cruising the streets of their hometown the night before they head off to college.

American Graffiti stars Ron Howard, Harrison Ford and Richard Dreyfuss and is loaded with hot rods, classic cars and even a traveling drag racer.


If you are looking for a great car flick and the best movie starring Steve McQueen, many will agree it has to be Bullitt.

This movie is famous for one of the best chase scenes in cinematic history; one that takes up a full 10 minutes of the movie and features a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback.

Death Proof

Here we have Quentin Tarantino's homage to cult car movies and Z-grade exploitation flicks. Tarantino presents us with a stunt car driver, played by Kurt Russell, who enjoys offing unsuspecting females.

He stalks and kills his prey in a classic Chevy Nova built to, well, you will just have to see the movie yourself to find out the details about his car.

Any Mad Max Movie

Anybody who loves car movies knows the Mad Max series has always been a great car movie franchise. It’s hard to deny that the most recent installment of the movies, Fury Road, as one of the best. The atmosphere is as gloomy as ever, the filmmaking is more stylized and Tom Hardy out-broods his predecessor, Mel Gibson.

But let’s not mince words here; Fury Road has, by far, the best car ever with the Gigahorse, double Cadillac bodies powered by two Chevy big blocks that have been supercharged. It’s a drag car on stilts and is just captivating to watch.

Back to the Future

If you love science fiction films, smart comedy and Deloreans that travel time, you will love Back to the Future. Don’t get all got up in the whole time travel thing or the weird love interests, this is a car movie to be sure.


Some think the Transformers is a movie about robots from outer space who are trying to help us defeat evil. But the movie is really about robots who disguise themselves as some really cool cars and other vehicles.

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