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It's finally here guys! we have now released our very own car care products. We have put in a lot of hard work and dedication to creating these great products for you guys. Here are our first 3 products, we will also be releasing our liquid was and interior cleaner this month.
First up is our Detail Spray, This is perfect for last minute clean ups that need to be done on your vehicle, think of it as a waterless car wash. This is perfect for any car enthusiast if you want to always keep your car looking clean. Leaves no residue and leaves your car with a nice clean finish.
Next up we have our soap, This has to be one of my favorite items. Reason is this soap works great for washing you car whether you are using the 2 bucket method or if you use a foam cannon. This soap works with both washing techniques, This soap breaks down dirt, grime, and brake dust with no problem leaving your car with a clean finish.
Last but not least we have our tire and trim dressing, this product is water base which is not flammable so allows you to clean up your engine bay as well! applying this product on your tires leaves off a clean and wet looking finish to keep your tires looking new always. Using this inside your engine bay makes all the difference, Use this on all your engine bay plastics to also give them a nice finish that will definitely make your bay stand out from the rest. Another great use for this product is using it on bumber trims and plastics that are starting to fade, apply some product and rub it in to make it look like new again.
Make sure to check out these 3 products and keep a eye out for more products in the near future!

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