What's up guys! we are very excited to announce that we have new project car to add to our current cars. This is not just any ordinary car this is definitely a one of a kind and rare car here in the states.
Giovanny which you guys might already recognize him for his wide body varis Mitsubishi Evolution has purchased and LEGIT RHD Toyota Supra from Japan!
Today we take a look at Helena's beautiful FRS! as you can see right away this is one unique build. Right away you can see the crazy color that her car is wrapped in, the color combo that she went with on her car looks amazing! Looking up close on her wrap she has some crazy detail! check out her embossed  pattern on her quarter panels. 
If you are ever looking to install some new aftermarket rotors for your FRS or BRZ just check this video out right here! We were fortunate to get a set of drilled and slotted rotors from R1 concept's, the install on these killer rotors was very straight forward and I believe anybody can get this installed at home with the right tools.
Its as easy as removing 2 bolts to remove the brake caliper and brake pads, then removing 2 more bolts to remove the bracket for the caliper. Once both are removed you can swap your rotors, put everything back and be back on the road!
For more in depth detail of the process check the video below.
There is an old adage that it’s the clothes that make the man, or something like that. Basically, it means that the clothes a man wears have a direct connection with how he is perceived by others, especially the fairer sex. 

This held true for many years, centuries as a matter fact. But then something changed around the mid 20th century; men were increasingly being judged by more than the clothes they wore, they were now being judged by what they drove as well. 
Hey guy’s so today we decided to go ahead and Plasti dip DJ’s Mercedes CLA 250 with a AMG kit out of the blue. DJ saw a image online showing this crazy pearl pain job on a white car and did some research and we found out that it is Plasti dipped! we couldn't believe it. We went ahead and did our research on how this paint job can be achieved, we gathered all the information on dipyourcar.com which basically gave us all the tools and knowledge to getting this done.