Tuned in Tokyo Holiday Mystery Box


Plus Plus

The Holiday Box is Here

With its Newest Version

We have sold thousands of this Package Deal and it is our Most Popular Sale to Date. This Mystery Box comes with absolutely everything you need with a bang for your buck value. It comes with all the items listed below.

You get 12+ items listed below:

  • 5 Premium T-Shirts
  • 1 Premium Hoodie
  • 1 Premium Long-Sleeves
  • 1 Premium Line Backpack (4 Color Options)
  • 1 Premium Headwear Item
  • 1 Premium Lanyard or 1 Key Tag or 1 Athletic bag
  • 1 Premium Keychain
  • 3 Tuned in Tokyo Stickers

*order is shipped in a premium shipping bag made for this package deal.

*Promo codes will not be applied as this is already a discounted item.