Tunedintokyo Story - The Co-Owners Brian Porter and Frankie Quiroz started this company in 2015. Before Tunedintokyo we had our own streatwear brand, worked for a manufacturing company and were always going to car meets. We noticed, when going to these meets, that there were only promotional clothing items and no real brands that were solely dedicated to car apparel and the jdm lifestyle. So we combined our skills and thought of Tunedintokyo. We invested everything we had saved up, We worked on the brand everynight after work and did everything we could to get the brand out there. Even going to lengths of selling our shirts out of the trunk of our Hondas. Overtime the brand picked up steam and we noticed we were selling more and more shirts every month. We quit our jobs and went full time and haven't looked back since. Today Tunedintokyo is on the rise and working on expanding the business. Come join the team and become a part of our journey as we continue to grow and impact the JDM community.

Meet The Team

Brian Porter- Co-Founder

IG: @_brianporter


Frankie Quiroz- Co-Founder 

IG: @frankie_feather


Ivan Zenteno- Production Manager

IG: @ivan_35mm


Ariel Blanco- Head Designer

IG: @ariel_feather


Rolando Hernandez- Head Videographer

IG: @rolando_feather


Martin Cervantes- Shipping Manager

IG: @oooose_


Mission Statement- To continue developing products that embody the JDM lifestyle and culture.