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Tuned in Tokyo was founded in 2015 by owners Brian Porter and Frankie Quiroz. After building a great social media following and presence on Instagram with our apparel designs. We have decided to take the next step and expand our horizon with the release mystery boxes, backpacks, and other accessories. We are creating this new street wear apparel for our loyal fans, along with every car enthusiast around the world

Now that the company has matured Frankie and Brian have been developing a new division within the company “Tuned in Tokyo Events”. These events allow any car enthusiast to see and experience their favorite car in person.

In the end our goal here at Tuned In Tokyo is to bring the car community together regardless of the make and model. 


Mission Statement- To continue developing products that embody the JDM lifestyle and culture.



Frankie Quiroz


IG: @frankiequirroz

Brian Porter


IG: @_brianporter

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