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Turbo Keychain

2 reviews

Regular price   $12.00 Sale price   $7.99

Hands down, this is the most realistic turbo keychain ever produced.

Upgraded features contain dual twin shield ball bearings, ultra realistic SHF (Super-Hi-Flo) impeller/turbine; semi-clockable housings, center cartridges, and other parts interchangeable within the TK10 family. Both impeller and turbine are interconnected to spin in unison and sounds just like a real turbo when spooling quickly.

Every unit is hand assembled in USA and ships fully tested. Production is initially limited to 5 per day which makes them very exclusive.


    Size Guide - Click Here

    • Machine wash cold with like colors

    • Hand Dry

    • True To Size

    Ships in 1-2 Business days

    • Ships priority 2-4 day delivery

    • International orders 1-2 week delivery

    • Hassle Free Returns & Exchanges on Non-Final Sale Items

    Please contact customer service in regards to any returns or exchanges:

    Turbo Keychains - tunedintokyo

    Turbo Keychain

    2 reviews

    Regular price   $12.00 Sale price   $7.99 Save 33%

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