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Tires & Trim Applicator



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If you like shining your tires but hate getting grease and dressing all over your fingers, then our Tires & Trim Applicator is perfect for you. Only this unique applicator pad mounts a soft durafoam applicator pad on a sculpted no-mess handle. Applicator is easy to grip, which helps anyone detail their car and get the job done. Spread your favorite dressing on tires, bumper trim, window moldings, side-view mirrors, and engine parts without getting your fingers dirty. Spread a coat of wax over paintwork, glass, and shiny metal parts without wasting a single drop. Work leather conditioners into fine leather upholstery and seats to keep interior pieces supple, soft, and free from cracks and breaks.

  • (1) Tire & Trim Applicator
  • Ideal for that final touch of perfection
  • Ideal for use with cream or paste waxes, leather conditioners, and dressings
  • Reduces product waste