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JDM Clothing and the Car He Drives Makes the Man

JDM Clothing and the Car He Drives Makes the Man

There is an old adage that it’s the clothes that make the man, or something like that. Basically, it means that the clothes a man wears have a direct connection with how he is perceived by others, especially the fairer sex.

This held true for many years, centuries as a matter fact. But then something changed around the mid 20th century; men were increasingly being judged by more than the clothes they wore, they were now being judged by what they drove as well.

Of course, it started off as no big deal, really. You might have a chap driving a sweet convertible sports car garner a little more attention that the guy driving the boring old sedan, but this would change over the years.

Today, as a single guy looking for romance, what you drive is equally important as what you wear. Just ask the guy who drives a Hyundai Elantra wearing khakis and a polo or the guy driving a beefed up Subaru wearing JDM clothing from Tuned in Tokyo.

You Are What You Drive

The vehicle you drive says a whole lot about yourself. Even if you don’t think so. A man behind the wheel of a trashed Ford Pinto shows an utter lack of respect for himself. Besides, nobody would want to be seen dead in a Ford Pinto, even one restored and in mint condition.

If the vehicle you drive looks like it is in bad shape, dirty or otherwise neglected, it sends a message to all of the women of the world that the person driving it just doesn't try too hard. There is also the perception of laziness and some might even think the driver lacks money.

On the other hand, the guy driving the beefed-up Chevy Camaro has a bad boy image personified by his choice of vehicle. He might be irresponsible and a little reckless, perceptions made by the vehicle he drives, but he will give you the ride of your life to be sure.

Drive a big truck? If so, you are likely perceived by women as a rugged, outdoorsy, free-spirited man. Unless you are driving a truck that is way too big, then it is quite obvious you are overcompensating for something and are trying way too hard to impress.

This holds true for men who drive over-the-top vehicles or plain ones with outrageous wheels and a hood scoop that can second as a bathtub. Women dig cool cars, but be careful because too many bells and whistles smack of aggression.

Even small, inexpensive cars can portray a man in a very positive light. For example, a Mini Cooper is a cool car that gives the impression of a man who is cool, fun and secure in who he is.

A Woman's Love for an Expensive Car is Biological

Often, a woman’s attraction to a particular man is purely biological, and she might not even realize it. You might have a friend who goes nuts over guys with expensive European cars and you might think she is just a golddigger. It could be true.

But remember that at a time before, the role of the man was to protect the woman from danger and to provide her and their offspring with security. The same mentally exists today. The guy driving the beat-up Chevy Cavalier just doesn't come across as the type of guy who can provide a safe and secure environment, while the gentleman driving the immaculate BMW does.

And let’s face it, men who drive expensive European cars are usually wealthy, confident and intelligent. These, for any woman, are very attractive qualities.

And remember, it’s not all about the money either. The guy driving a Subaru is perceived as an adventurous type of person. Guys who drive beefed up Japanese cars on mountain roads, just like in the movies, are seen by women as strong men who are able to provide them safety and security. Which is good news for those of you who can't afford expensive European cars or who just prefer to drive regular cars.

So even if you own a Mazda, Honda or Acura, you can still be found quite attractive by the opposite sex. Of course, it helps if you are wearing JDM gear from Tuned in Tokyo. Order yours right here.

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